About Us

Through our extensive experience in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, South Asia, and the United States, we have a deep appreciation of cultural and social diversity on the ground, along with the common challenges that people worldwide face in the midst of social turbulence, systemic injustices, growing, hatred, anger, and fear.

We view such challenges primarily as learning challenges, as educational challenges. It is through the hard work of sustained self-exploration, disagreement, and dissent while staying connected to one another that we learn. We are dedicated to education that encourages moral imagination, active engagement, commitment to the whole and just communities,  and the enhancement of joy.

 We know that educators, community leaders, and visionary artists who are inspired, inspire others; those who are nurtured, nurture others; those who are loved and cared for, do the same with all whom they touch.  We believe that the vast untapped human potential to learn through education might be greater than the challenges we as a species face.

Our Values









Core Team

The Fig Tree Alliance is an association of friends and colleagues from different places with different perspectives who have lived very different lives, yet who share a common purpose and ethos, and who love working together.

The Fig Tree Circle

The Fig Tree Alliance includes a circle of incredible educators from around the world who learn, laugh, argue, teach and challenge one another.  In addition to the team who initiated the Fig Tree Alliance, the Fig Tree Circle consists currently of:

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