Educational Experiences

Workshops, Courses, and Retreats

Our workshops and courses which are built around dialogue-based experiential education, focus on a community, an audience, and an intended theme or topic. 

  • Educational Transformation: Self as Student

  • Educating for the American Experiment

  • Trauma, Resilience, and Creativity

  • Exercising the Imagination: Arts and Education

  • Pluralism, and Discord: A Conversations Across Difference 

  • Making History: The Learning and Teaching of the Past


We bring people together for educational adventures to travel and learn as a group. This sort of place-based learning taps into deep relationships with communities on the ground. Some of the regions and locations we will travel to and learn in are:

  • Israel/Palestine
  • India/Pakistan
  • Ghana
  • US Cities: Columbus, Ohio, Portland, Maine, New York City, The Capital Region of upstate New York, and The Adirondacks.
  • Jordan
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