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Local Projects

We work closely with friends and colleagues on the ground to support educational initiatives within their communities. We believe in earning trust, nurturing relationships, and working together over time.

For now, we are featuring one project, The Shijaeya Community Project, which was co-founded by Fig Tree Alliance core team member, Dr. Mohammed Isleem.

The Shijaeya Community Project

Shijaeya is one of the most crowded and impoverished neighborhoods in The Gaza Strip. The Shijaeya Community Project is a non-profit focused on the educational needs of the neighborhood’s children; at the same time, The SCP offers support to parents and educators in the community. The SCP was launched in November 2014 after the war on Gaza. From its founding to the summer of 2021, it was funded in part by Seeds of Peace.

As we assume you know, the situation for the people in Gaza in the spring of 2024 is catastrophic.

Palestinian educators on the ground in Gaza are continuing to help the children of Shijayea. When the war ends, The SCP is dedicated to serving the children, the parents, the community, in healing and rebuilding. If you are interested in supporting the SCP, we welcome your support. Here’s the link to the fundraising campaign:

Public Conversations


We offer a range of forums, some designed to bring together people from across racial, ethnic, class, age, geographic, and ideological divides, others focused on themes and topics that resonate and inspire us. These forums are opportunities to engage with one another on topics of common concern


When we want to go outside the formality of a “forum” or public speaking engagement, we organize public events dialogue tables, dramatic happenings, mural painting to engage communities directly in public parks, in parking lots, on the road, and online. In these efforts, we aim for playful disruptions of everyday life to see the familiar with new eyes, to spark creativity and human connection.

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