Lisa DeSantiago

Lisa is an urban animal who resides at the intersections of all that is not white, male and straight in the United States.  She is a non-formal educator who works with BIPOC youth and teens in Chicago afterschool programs.  She sees these programs as a space for her students to apply the knowledge they gain during their school day and to expand their contributions to the neighborhoods in which they live.  Lisa is a seasoned storyteller who uses this skill to connect and communicate with her students and their families.  She honors the use of circles and RJ practices to build community and to inspire communities to make the change they wish to see.  As a Peace Educator she believes that long term sustainable thinking should be applied to humans and the environment and in any course, you choose to teach.  Paulo Freire floats her boat, and she hopes one day to fully understand the philosophies of Humberto Maturana.  Her favorite T-shirt reads, “Don’t Fear me.  Talk to me.”

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