Oraib Tamimi Waari

Born in Jerusalem, Oraib has lived her entire life in that unique city, married, and raised her family there. She teaches English at a public high school for Palestinian students. In 2005, 2014, and again, in 2019, as a Seeds of Peace Delegation Leader, she prepared, accompanied, and supported, Palestinian high school students engaged in dialogue with “the other side.” Starting in 2007, through Seeds of Peace,  she became a lead trainer for a series of “peaceful learning environment” and model school initiatives for Palestinian educators from across Jerusalem, Gaza, and The West Bank.  In the years since, she has continued her work as an accomplished dialogue facilitator for people of all ages and trainer for teachers in both Palestinian and international settings. More recently, in 2017 and 2018, she was a co-facilitator of an initiative on “trauma awareness and resilience” for a broad range of Palestinian educators. Oraib has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and translation from Al Quds University, a diploma in teaching English as a foreign language from Bethlehem University,  and an advanced degree in English from Beit Berl. Oraib believes deeply in the power of education, and the role of the teacher.

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