Interfaith Exchange: Bridging Perspectives at Berith Sholom

In the spring of 2022, Daniel helped to create a dialogue group at Berith Sholom, a synagogue in the Capital District of upstate New York. As part of this, Mohammed spoke to the group about his perspective as a Palestinian community leader from Gaza. 

Navigating Pluralism: Building Bridges in a Divided World

“Pluralism and Discord: Conversations Across Difference,” a seven-week mini-course in the spring of 2023 at The University of Southern Maine. Deb, Daniel, the peacebuilders whom we invited as guests, and the students, explored what is arguably the greatest challenge that human beings face today–engaging across lines of conflict and figuring out ways to live together […]

Shared Stories: Bridging Divides Through ‘A Land Twice Promised

On April 4th, 2023,at Temple Israel  in Albany, New, The Fig Tree Alliance co-sponsored story-teller “Noa Baum’s A Land Twice Promised,” a one-woman show about the stories of Palestinian and Israeli women. Over 110 people came to this wonderful event, which was followed by a small workshop for educators and community leaders.

Pathfinders: The Making of ‘A Seat At the Table’

We continue to move forward on the production of Ajay Noronha’s “A Seat At the Table,” a documentary film about Tim Wilson, the mult-faceted community leader, youth mentor, coach, and public servant, a central figure at Seeds of Peace, and a pathmaking Black man in Maine. In October, Ajay flew from Mumbai to Maine. Ajay, […]

Voices for Peace: Vigil for Gaza Ceasefire at The White House

Voices for Peace: Vigil for Gaza Ceasefire at The White HouseIn the fall of 2023, The Fig Tree Alliance co-sponsored a vigil for a ceasefire in Gaza outside of The White House organized by Am Shalom, a group of Jews for a Ceasefire in the Washington D.C. area co-led by our friend, Aaron Shneyer.